Save the Date: Summer Events

Summer is right around the corner, and we're excited to share our summer event lineup with you! May 4: Marina Opens May 31-June 1: Tipton Lakes Annual Garage Sale June 15: Kid’s Fishing Fun Day August 3: Triathlon September 13: Winedown at the Marina Looking even further to winter? Join us for Donuts with Santa on December 7!

TLCA Seeks Task Force Members

TLCA is forming a task force to explore the effect on our community of a long term outage of electricity and also water and sewer services. Whether an outage might be caused by a severe weather event or a power grid failure, there is concern about the effect on our homes and lakes if electricity, water or sewer services did not work for an extended ... [Read More]

Street Surface Treatments to Begin

As part of the City’s Pavement Preservation Program the streets in your development have been chosen to receive a surface treatment this year. Surface treatments help extend the life of one of the City’s most important assets; the streets. For every $1 spent on preservation, $10 in reconstruction cost is saved. Recently the cracks in your streets were sealed in anticipation of this surface treatment ... [Read More]

Fourth of July Fireworks Rescheduled

Due to the storms we are expected to get Saturday July 1st, we are rescheduling our fireworks. The new date will be Sunday September 3rd. Sorry for any inconvenience. Happy Fourth of July!

Oasis of Hope: Faith Ministries founder works to create healing space

from Tipton Life magazine, by Barney Quick “An oasis of hope.” That’s how Faith Ministries founder Jarvis Cooper describes the meditation garden that was installed this summer and fall on church grounds. The garden, circular in design and featuring a fountain and carefully planned landscaping, is intended to be used by anyone and everyone in Columbus who needs healing and restoration. It’s envisioned as the ... [Read More]

Mark Your 2023 Calendars

Save the date! (All dates and events are subject to change. Please check our website prior to each event.) The Community Relations Committee is organizing another active year of social opportunities in 2023.  Here’s just a few to jot down on your calendar and SAVE THE DATES.  More details will be made available as final plans are made for the events, or please call the ... [Read More]