As part of the City’s Pavement Preservation Program the streets in your development have been chosen to receive a surface treatment this year. Surface treatments help extend the life of one of the City’s most important assets; the streets. For every $1 spent on preservation, $10 in reconstruction cost is saved.

Recently the cracks in your streets were sealed in anticipation of this surface treatment called Liquid Road. Liquid Road’s deep, rich black color gives old, oxidized pavement a “like new” surface that preserves the pavement, melts snow and ice faster, and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. The contractor applying the Liquid Road is National Pavement Maintenance(NPM).

In 2019 the City used Liquid Road at the following subdivisions; Pintail Point & Pintail Landing, Woodland Farms, Rocky Ford Crossing, Lincoln Park Drive at Lincoln Park, If you are curious about this surface treatment, please visit these streets and see how well they are performing.

Weather permitting; the Liquid Road work is scheduled from July 13 thru August 1, 2023. The National Pavement Maintenance website will be updated daily with current schedules. Residents are encouraged to check the website for up to date information regarding their street.

The plan is to apply the Liquid Road to each street one lane at a time; therefore, lane restrictions will be necessary. Each neighborhood will require four days to complete. NPM will be responsible for traffic control and will provide flaggers, if needed. Two courses of the treatment are required. The first course could take 3 to 4 hours to complete, depending on the temperature that day. However, by the end of the day residents will be able to drive on the surface treatment. The cul de sacs will be done one-half at a time. Residents are asked to park on the side of the cul de sac not being worked on and then switch to the other side when the works changes to the other half.

We recognize the inconvenience this poses for you and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. The City of Columbus is committed to providing the citizens and taxpayers of Columbus with quality streets.

Please call the City Engineering Office with any questions.

Roads scheduled to be treated: