The policy-making function of the Association is headed up by its Board of Directors. The Board consists of nine homeowner Directors. Directors serve three-year staggered terms.

The Officers of the Association are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. All are elected by the Board to serve one-year terms.

In order to aid the Board in the performance of its functions, a committee system has been established by the Board. An ad hoc Elections Committee is periodically established for the orderly supervision and administration of Association elections.

The Design Review Committee aids in the establishment and maintenance of high quality design standards for structures and landscaping throughout Tipton Lakes. This is done by reviewing plans for improvements, inspecting the properties for compliance, and helping to develop design standards. The Committee, comprised of resident Members, reviews and approves plans for modifications to existing structures, and approves plans for new homes.

In order to promote a harmonious and safe living environment in Tipton Lakes, rules and covenants are developed and enforced through the Covenants Committee, which makes rulings on cases concerning violations.

The Community Relations Committee supports a broad array of social and recreational events and activities. This Committee serves as the liaison to City officials such as the Police Department and City Garage.

After each new residential subdivision (“Cluster”) is added to the Association and becomes 50% occupied, a Cluster Committee is established to represent the interests of the Cluster and to serve as liaison between the Board and the Cluster residents. The Cluster Committee is an advisory body, which helps to identify desired services and maintenance standards, budgeting, and social functions for that Cluster. Where there are condominium Clusters, the condominium Board manages the internal affairs of the condominium community while also serving as liaison to the Association Board. Cluster Committees welcome new members to the Association and answers questions pertaining to amenities and membership rights and responsibilities.

The Grounds Committee serves the Community by monitoring the landscaping efforts. This Committee also works to implement joint projects like mulching high traffic pedestrian paths and purchasing trees in volume. These efforts help to keep assessments down.

The Lake Maintenance Committee protects one of the Association’s greatest assets, the three lakes. These efforts include monitoring the quality of the water and managing the wildlife. This Committee also oversees the Marina operations.

The Finance Committee oversees the financial health of the Association including investments, management, asset protection, and general accounting practices.

The Board may appoint other committees as the need or desire arises.

In additon to the Board and Association committees, professional staff manages the day to day functions of the Association. Staff includes an Executive Director, Operations Assistant, and a Welcoming Coordinator/Member Services. The Association Office is located at the Marina area, 6000 Tipton Lakes Blvd.