Getting to Know Our “Green Book”


Copies of our Covenants have been neatly housed inside a green, three-ring binder that has over the years been commonly referred to as our “Green Book.” Although a bit overwhelming at first glance, the binder is organized to assist members in finding important information about living in Tipton Lakes and being a member of our Association.

Sections include:

Articles of Incorporation – dating back to 1981, declares the Association as a legal, incorporated entity.

Bylaws – framework for how the Association functions.

Declaration – defines property subject to the Declaration, the general organization, purpose and membership of the Association, defines common areas and responsibility for maintenance, addresses assessment rates, use of property, maintenance of the lakes, dams and canals, first mortgagees’ rights, developer’s reservations, easements and general provisions for all areas in Tipton Lakes.

Supplementary Declaration – further defines specific responsibilities of the cluster.

Rules and Regulations – Is a working document adopted by the Board of Directors to give direction to use of lakes, property and common areas, annual assessment collection, design review procedures and applications and rules enforcement procedures.

Membership Agreement – which is signed by each new member.

Budgets – Copies of the General Budget and application cluster budgets are helpful tools in answering questions about assessments.

Financial Statements – although condensed versions are distributed each year in preparation for our Annual Meeting in the Spring, complete copies are available in the Association Office.

Newsletters – although recent copies are helpful for current information, Tipton Life is used often to communicate important Association issues. Utilize this section to keep prior copies.

Design and Maintenance Guidelines – are used by the Design Review Modifications Committee each time an application is received for review. If you are considering an exterior change to your home, you will find these Guidelines essential.

In this issue and subsequent issues of Tipton Life, sections from our Covenants will be highlighted. The intention here is to aid members in greater understanding of community association living.


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