Download a copy of the TLCA Rules and Regulations (PDF)

The rules, covenants, and guidelines of Tipton Lakes Community Association are designed to help protect and enhance property values by maintaining high quality standards throughout the community. The rules, in their entirety, are included in the green book of Association documents.  More information is available by clicking on the summary of interest below.

In order to ensure the safe and orderly use of certain portions of the East, North and West Lake Properties and Common Areas by the Members, these regulations establish restrictions and guidelines for those same areas. These regulations may be extended, amended, or replaced at any time by the Board and they will remain in full force and effect until amended or terminated by the Board.

  1. The Marina Area will be available for use as described on the following pages, as posted at the Marina office and publicized in Tipton LifeTM, the Marina Guide, and the Association’s website.
  1. All members have unrestricted hours of access to the lakes.
  1. Members accessing the Lake Shore Common Areas are restricted as defined in Section G Fishing.
  1. Members enjoying unrestricted hours of access to the lake will conduct themselves in a manner that is not disruptive to other members.
  1. The Marina is staffed at specified times as published in the Marina Guide.
  1. Hourly rental facilities at the Marina are available as published in the Marina Guide. This includes Gathering Room-Lower Level, Overlook Picnic Area, Lakeside Beach and Picnic Area, Pontoon Boats and Kayaks. Members renting these facilities must adhere to the hours of operation.
  1. The swimming area is closed 10 PM to 6 AM each day.
  1. Members

a. When on or using the lake and/or Marina facilities, Members should carry a valid Driver’s License or picture ID

b. When a Member-family is together, only one Member of that family need carry a valid Driver’s License or picture ID.

2. Guests

Guests using the lake and/or Marina facilities should be accompanied by their Member hosts. Unaccompanied family members are permitted in member’s properly registered boat.

  1. Registration

a. Each row boat, canoe, sailboat, paddle boat, pontoon boat, kayak, etc. kept on, located on or in use on the Lakes, Common Areas or Lake Property must be properly registered annually by the appropriate Member at the Association Office

b. Registration information will include at a minimum:

  • Member name and number
  • Lot or Living Unit identification
  • Make, type and length of boat
  • Boat serial number or state registration number
  • Sticker number issued
  • Proof or evidence of ownership
  • Photo of boat

c. Members registering boats are required to sign an agreement to operate their boats within the TLCA Rules and Regulations.

  1. Identification

a. The Association will issue for each properly registered boat an annual identification permit. The Board of Directors sets cost for such permit annually.

b. Each sticker will be placed on the stern (back) of the boat, starboard side (the right side if you are facing forward) in a clearly visible location above the water line.

c. Lost or stolen stickers should be reported to the Association and may be replaced at the then current cost.

Boat docks constructed by Members from their own lakefront lots must be approved by the Design Review Committee. Specified Dock Rules and Regulations and/or Guidelines are available upon request.

a. Electric motors only are permitted. Use of gasoline or diesel engines are prohibited except Association or the Association’s vendor service boats. If a gasoline or diesel motor is secured on a member’s boat, it must not be operating.

b. Boats may not exceed a maximum 18 feet. Although no height restriction is imposed, Members are advised that the maximum height passable under the Barrel Arch Bridge over the East Canal is 21 feet.

c. Boats may not exceed 10 mph.

d. Any boats left in the lakes or on the Lake Property or Common Areas are left there at the owner’s risk. They must be properly moored or beached in an area specified for it.

e. Boats may be operated on all 3 lakes and 2 canals provided that private property rights and posted areas are respected.

f. The entire Marina Area is considered a slow zone (no wake). The narrow areas and areas around the following designated islands are considered slow zones. West Lake (off shore of Westlake Cove), East Lake (near Eastlake Woods Apartments), North Lake (off shore of Pintail Landing) and North Lake (between the Cape and Northlake Woods). Within 50 feet of the shore line for all three lakes is considered a slow zone (no wake). The two canals are considered a slow zone (no wake).

g. Boats may be launched only from one’s own lakefront lot or from the launch ramp located at the Marina.

h. Boats and wind surfing boards are not allowed in the designated beach/swim area.

i. Boats must yield the right of way to swimmers. Motored boats must yield the right of way to non-motored boats.

j. Tipton Lakes Community Association (TLCA) rents to Association Members various watercraft as described in the Marina Guide.

k. TLCA Board establishes fees and operating procedures that are published in the Marina Guide.

  1. Users will be required to have life preservers (provided by the Marina) with them at all times.
  2. Rental reservations may be made by telephone, in person or online at
  3. Prior to departure, Marina staff will instruct boat renters in boat safety and etiquette.
  4. Basic boating safety rules and lake speed restrictions will be clearly posted in rental pontoon boat.
  5. Members who rent boats will be required to show a valid Driver’s License and sign an agreement to operate the boat in accordance with the safety guidelines and the TLCA Rules and Regulations.
  6. Written parental permission is required for all children under the age of 16 in order to rent an Association boat. Children age 12-15 are permitted to rent only non-motorized boats. Children age 16 and over with a valid driver’s license are permitted to rent the motorized boats.
  1. Purpose

The lake system at Tipton Lakes has been professionally stocked with bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. These regulations are intended to maintain a healthy, desirable fish population and a recreational opportunity for Tipton Lakes residents.

  1. Your Driver’s License or picture ID serve as Your Permit

Since Tipton Lakes is private, State of Indiana fishing licenses are not required. The lakes, however, are open only to Tipton Lakes Community Association Members, and their bona-fide guests. Fishing will be allowed as further provided herein.

a. Four guests may accompany each Member while fishing. Groups larger than four guests should have permission from the Association Office.

b. All members should carry their valid Driver’s License or picture ID. Association personnel will patrol the lakes periodically for compliance. Lake privileges may be revoked if Members do not comply with the Rules.

  1. Fish Size and Daily Limits

a. Fish size and daily catch limit regulations will be reviewed annually and published in the annual Marina Guide.

  1. Fishing Rules

a. Minnows of the following fish species may not be used as bait: bullhead, carp, buffalo, and sucker. These are considered “undesirable” fish so every effort is being made to keep them out of the lakes. Goldfish should not be placed in the lakes.

b. Float (jug) fishing, limb or drop lines, and trotlines are not permitted.

c. Unless specifically permitted herein, any fishing activity prohibited in the current State of Indiana Fishing Regulations is hereby prohibited at Tipton Lakes.

d. Lake front property owners and their guests only may fish from their private property including their shoreline, boats and docks at any time.

e. All members and their guests are permitted to fish any time from boats and lake front common areas including the dams except as restricted by no fishing signs.

f. Bright lights are not permitted for night time fishing.

  1. SWIMMING AND DIVING ARE STRICTLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Swimmers should be aware that canals are shallow and therefore diving and jumping from bridges is strictly prohibited.
  1. While at the Marina beach area, children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a person at least 16 years of age unless a written parental permission slip is on file at the Association Office. Groups larger than 10 individuals should make a reservation in advance.
  1. Large inflatable aquatic equipment such as water trampolines, temporary swimming platforms and slides are not permitted on docks or in the lakes. Personal inflatable swim floats are allowed and must be removed from the lakes and shoreline and stored each night.
  1. Due to boat traffic, open water or competitive swimmers are strongly encouraged to wear bright colored swim caps and swim with a partner for safety purposes.
  1. Swimmers entering open water at the Marina may enter from the designated swimming area provided they enter the open water on the north end of the swimming area. Swimming beyond the designated Marina swimming area into the in/out marina boating channel is strongly discouraged.
  1. Members interested in reserving space at the Marina for a party should contact the Association office. Rental fees are reviewed annually and published in the Marina Guide.
  2. A reservation for a party does not include exclusive use of the area; the Marina is always open to all members during normal operating hours. By making reservations ahead of time the staff can reserve picnic tables and grills to adequately accommodate member parties, and help coordinate any special needs.
  3. Members are encouraged to reserve space at the Marina as much in advance as possible.

4. Members renting the Gathering Room-Lower Level, Overlook Picnic Area, Beach and Picnic Area are fully responsible for cleaning up their mess before leaving the area. The Board may impose a deposit or charge especially if Marina Personnel are required to clean up the area. Members must be present during the rental period.

  1. The parking area at the office/marina is intended for use only while the member is using the facility. Overnight parking or storage of trailers is prohibited in the parking lot or the city streets near the area.
  1. Parking adjacent to the boat launch ramp is permitted while launching a boat or if a member is properly licensed to use the accessible parking area.

No owner of any Lot or Living Unit or other Member or guest may use the lake water for watering lawns, bathing or feeding pets, or any other such use. This is to maintain lake levels and to prevent harm or damage to pets or landscape materials due to aquatic weed control chemicals.

TLCA has chemical aquatic weed control services performed in the lakes and ponds. Chemical applications are dependent on good weather. Buoys are placed in the lakes to signify the chemical applications. One early season application recommends a 1-week suspension of body contact with treated water and suspension of drinking the lake water. Subsequent monthly applications recommend a 24-hour suspension. When possible, chemical application dates will be posted in advance at the Marina and in Tipton LifeTM. See the Marina Guide (published annually) for planned application dates.



  1. Everyone is asked to cooperate with Association personnel or other members in their efforts to enforce these regulations.
  1. Those who violate these Rules and Regulations may be fined or have their privileges reduced or revoked.

Appendix A

TLCA Design Review Application Form (PDF)

A member contemplating an exterior modification should complete this form. Association staff will provide additional assistance if needed.

Appendix B

Rules Enforcement Procedures

These rules indicate the sequence of procedures and guidelines used by the Covenants Committee and the Association staff in dealing with the violations of rules and covenants. The Association is legally empowered by its Governing Documents to enforce its rules and covenants.

The Rules and Regulations are revised and amended by the Board as necessary.