5640 Treeline Drive

Larry and his wife, Cathy, have been residents of West Lake Cove in Tipton Lakes since 2012 after living in Minnesota for three years.  Before Minneapolis, Larry lived in Columbus for almost 40 years.  Larry retired from Cummins in August 2015 after 28 years as a Purchasing professional.  Larry currently has a part-time Consulting business.  Larry is a volunteer/mentor for the Southern Indiana SCORE organization and has served on the St. Agnes Catholic Church finance committee.  Larry has traveled internationally for Cummins and works well with many cultures.

“As a longtime Columbus resident, I have watched the transformation of Tipton Lakes from the beginning to the present.  I love that the community maintains a natural environment for nature and people to coexist.  What I would like to contribute to the board is a view of the future and how Tipton can ensure that we maintain the natural beauty and community while being a catalyst for change to take us to the future.”