Watch Out for Pedestrians After Dark


The Association office is receiving phone calls from concerned Members about people walking or running in the street.  Members state they have a hard time seeing people on the street and are fearful they are going to be hit.

For those that walk or run in the streets, please make every effort to do so in a safe manner.  Residents are encouraged to use the pedestrian paths whenever possible to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. With the recent time change many of our Members are out walking after dark. Both our walkers and drivers need to be cautious at dawn or twilight, as drivers have limited visibility or may even have the setting or rising sun directly in their eyes.

For walkers:

Walk Facing Traffic: Walk or run on the side where you are facing oncoming traffic. This gives you the best chance to see traffic approaching closest to you and take evasive action when needed.

Walk Single File: You should walk or run in single file. On a road with lots curves, vehicles only have a split second chance of seeing you before hitting you.
Be Visible: Wear bright colors when walking in daytime. When walking at night, wear light-colored clothing and reflective clothing or a reflective vest to be visible.

For Drivers:

Don’t Speed: Obey the posted speed limit

Stay in your Lane: Do not cross into the bicycle lane

Pay Attention: Watch for pedestrians, especially when turning at an intersection

Don’t be Distracted: When driving, drive. Put away your cell phone

Thank you for working together to continue to make Tipton Lakes Community a safe community in which we can all live and play.


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