Tipton Tidbits


Call Before Digging

Finding out if it’s safe to dig has been made easier by implementation of a new phone number to call before undertaking a project that involves earth moving on your property.  Homeowners and professionals can now dial 811 to arrange for utility companies to mark locations of underground lines.

Lake Treatment Schedule

Remember to watch for red buoys in the lakes. These indicate a 24-hour prohibition on swimming, eating fish and general contact with the water.

• June 21

• July 19

• August 30

• September 27

The above dates are subject to change with possible inclement weather conditions. If you are planning an event, you may want to check with the Association Office, (812) 342-8522, to see if the lake treatment schedule has changed.

Round up those weeds

A little bit of weed killer on your sidewalks and curbs works wonders to beautify your yard. One way to be a good neighbor in the spring and summer: avoid early morning hours or times when a neighbor is hosting an outdoor event when mowing your lawn. One way to be a good Association member in the spring and summer: avoid blowing grass clippings into the lake. They just end up in the bottom of the lake, costing more to maintain our clean lake system.

Help us maintain paths

Although we perform a yearly audit on the conditions of our pedestrian paths, there are miles of them to keep track of. If you notice a problem area, please call the Association Office. In addition, the Association maintains the grass between the path and the curb. However, homeowners maintain the area inside the path. If there is a problem with overgrown landscaping that impedes passage on the paths, please let the Association Office know and staff will contact the owner. Assistance from owners in maintaining plant material along the path is greatly appreciated.

City Chuckhole Patrol

The city has swung into action and is patching those annoying holes that popped up in the streets over the winter months. City residents wishing to report chuckholes may call the City Garage at 812-376-2508, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Hide Those Toters

Trash toters should be stored out of sight, such as in a garage or screened from view when not in use. Please do not leave your toter out where it can be easily seen from the street view of your home. The Association regularly inspects the property for toter violations. Members will receive a violation notice if the toter is not stored properly.

Please pay early

Assessment payments are mailed to Ohio so please be sure to give it plenty of time to reach us. Why Ohio? The processing department for our bank (First Financial) is in Ohio, and the lock box arrangement provides a much more efficient means to collect quarterly assessments.


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