Storage and Parking of Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, Campers, Mobile Homes and Recreational Vehicles


At the December 6, 2016, Columbus City Council meeting, city officials voted to approve changes to the rules concerning abandoned, inoperable and oversized vehicles parked on public property. The changes state that recreational vehicles, buses, boats and non-motorized vehicles, including those that are hooked up to a truck, car or other vehicle meant to haul, cannot be parked on any city street, sidewalk, public right-of-way or alley.

The ordinance does allow for boats or RVs to be parked on a public street next to a person’s residence if the parking is intended to prepare for planned trips, vacations or unloading equipment. Parking would not be allowed for more than two consecutive days or more than two days in a seven-day period.

It is also a city violation to keep, park or store any unlicensed or inoperable vehicles or parts thereof on private or public property, except in a legally conforming garage, carport or other permanent enclosure.

Tipton Lakes Community Association has specific rules with regard to storage and parking of different types of vehicles. The rules can be found in the Design and Maintenance Guidelines and are stated below for a quick reminder.

The Board of Directors has defined “recreational vehicle” as follows:

1. Any boat or boat trailer.

2. Any motor home or other self-contained camper.

3. Any camper slip-ons where the camper backs are higher than the roofline of the cab of the truck.

4. Any mobile home, trailer or fifth wheel trailer.

5. Any pop-up camp/tent trailer or other similar recreation oriented portable or transportable facility or conveyance.

Any other vehicle not defined above that could not normally or regularly be used for daily transportation, including dune buggies or non-operative automobiles or other automotive equipment not licensed for use on the highways of Indiana. This policy does not extend to include properly docked boats in the water.

The following vehicles shall be treated in the same manner as recreation vehicles:

1. Any vehicle that is included in the Indiana Code as being defined as commercial.

2. Any vehicle that has commercial signs or advertising or commercial equipment visible.

3. Any private or public school or church buses.

4. Utility, storage or UHaul type trailers.

No recreational vehicle may be stored in open view on residential property. Only one recreational vehicle is permitted for visitation for seven consecutive days and not to exceed 14 days in any one year. At no time shall such parked recreational vehicle be occupied for living or sleeping except for visitation. (Reminder: The new city ordinance will only allow two days when parked on a city street.) The use of storage covers on commercial or non-commercial vehicles (including motorcycles or motorized bicycles) or recreational vehicles while parked on the owner’s lot or the street is prohibited.

A full copy of the Design and Maintenance Guidelines can be located in your Green Book or on the website at If you have further questions or would like a copy of the guidelines, please contact the Association office at 812-342-8522. As always, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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