Do You Have Renters Living In Your Home? Let Us Know!


The Rules and Regulations are designed to give guidance to many of the day-to-day functions of our Association. As such, they are reviewed periodically and redistributed to our members. An updated copy of the Rules and Regulations was sent to all members in May. The document was approved by the Board of Directors at the May board meeting.

Lease Approval Process and Requirements

1. Prior to leasing or renewing a lease for a Lot or Living Unit, the Owner of the Lot or Living Unit shall provide the following to the Board of Directors:

(a) a copy of the proposed lease or lease renewal, with rental amounts omitted or redacted.

(b) the name(s) of the lessee(s)/tenant(s)

(c) the term of the lease or lease renewal.

Once a copy of the lease is received and approved, the renter is listed in our database and is considered a member of the Association along with the lot owner. In fact, lot owners and renters each receive one vote on all Association issues. If you are an owner and an occupant, you are entitled to two votes regarding Association issues. Annual Meeting packets include two proxies; one vote for the owner (Class A) and one vote for the occupant (Class B).

In addition, the renter is entitled to utilize the Association’s common areas and receive Association news and correspondence. Plus, we would like the opportunity to welcome your renter and make him or her feel a part of our Association.

A copy of the lease may be sent by email to or by mail to 6000 Tipton Lakes Blvd., Columbus, IN 47201. You may reach the Association office at 812-342-8522 if you have further questions.

As always, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


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