A Reminder About Home Maintenance


We realize the summer heat and humidity have been high the last few weeks, which makes outside work unpleasant.

The Association is asking homeowners to please take the time this weekend and tidy up your property as needed.

These photos are just some examples of some things that need attention. Please attend to the following:

  • Overgrown weeds that need to be pulled.
  • Overgrown plant material that needs to be trimmed.
  • Grass or weeds that are growing in the cracks of your sidewalk or driveway that need to be pulled or sprayed with weed killer.
  • Grass or weeds that need to be trimmed around the perimeter of your home.
  • Trees or landscaping that is overhanging into the walk path, sidewalk, or street.
  • Dead trees that need to be removed. Please contact the Association office prior to removal.
  • Mold on the siding of your home that needs to be power washed.
  • Faded garage doors that need to be painted. Please contact the Association office if changing the paint color.

Quick attention to these routine and common home ownership duties would be greatly appreciated. With everyone’s help we can continue to make Tipton Lakes a great place to live!


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