REMC Utility Box Maintenance


REMC has completed their vegetation removal around the utility boxes throughout Tipton Lakes.

This was a result of a safety audit that was done in 2018.  The boxes have not been inspected in many years and are now several years old.  Therefore, they are preparing for future repairs.  These boxes are in utility easements giving REMC the authority to remove any plant material.

REMC will not be coming back out to remove the stumps or do any additional work.  The stumps have been treated and will not re-grow.  If you have landscape grasses around your box, they will be back out in the spring to treat them.

The stumps around your box will need to be removed by the homeowner.  Prior to removal, call 811 to mark for utility lines.

If you would like to install new plant material, the REMC guidelines will need to be followed.  A design review application will also need to be submitted to the Association office.

This spring, the Association office will assess all the areas and will be contacting the homeowners if additional improvements need to be completed.


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