Pedestrian and Biking Safety


Tipton Lakes residents enjoy a well maintained system of pedestrian paths for walking and running. However, many residents still prefer to run and walk in the streets for a variety of reasons. For those that walk or run in the streets please make every effort to do so in a safe manner by wearing high visibility clothing and always travel in the opposite direction of the vehicle traffic. Residents are encouraged to use the pedestrian paths whenever possible to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

If biking within the community, please consider the following four rules to reduce the risk of you or someone else getting hurt.

1. Yield to pedestrians – If you come up behind people walking, be very polite and wait for a good time to ask them to let you pass. Be courteous when coming up behind them announce yourself or ring a bell, if you have one on your bike.

2. Check every cross street and driveway – This is the dangerous part! Drivers are used to pulling all the way up to the road before coming to a stop and turning onto the street you’re following. Make sure when coming up to a driveway or cross street that you slow down and check to make sure a car isn’t coming.

3. Only cross the street at crosswalks – A good way to get hit by a car is to cross into the street randomly. If you need to cross the street, wait until you get to a cross walk and do it there.

4. Be willing to walk your bike – There may be times where the best decision is to get off your bike and walk for a bit.


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