Neighborly Reminders


Exterior changes

If you are planning any changes to the exterior of your home or lot, a Design Review Application for Modification must be submitted. Completed applications, including all required information, should be submitted to the Association office by the first day of the month to be guaranteed that they will be reviewed at that month’s meeting. The Design Review Committee meets during the second week of every month. All new construction design review applications and all modification applications that require a building permit and that change the exterior footprint and/or elevation of the home will incur a $250 application fee. This fee is due when the application is submitted.

Pet owners

Please properly dispose of all pet waste. Ideally, this means picking up all waste and disposing of it in waste containers. As you walk along the pedestrian paths, you will find doggie waste stations. When putting pet waste into plastic baggies, it is essential that the baggies are not disposed of in the street/storm drains. Improperly disposed of pet waste bags end up in our lakes. Cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Leaf removal

It won’t be long before the leaves will be falling and cleanup begins. Please do not rake or blow leaves into the lakes. The city of Columbus provides leaf removal. Members are asked to rake leaves to their curb (not in the street as it clogs street drains). Leaves will be picked up by the city on a routine basis.

Ornamental Grass Removal

Many enjoy the beauty of ornamental grasses throughout our community. However, grasses left unattended or not sheltered from wind during the winter months can become unsightly. Therefore, the Association requests that if you have ornamental grasses in your yard that will be susceptible to wind damage and/or are not sheltered by your home, please cut these down in the fall. This will save you the hassle of chasing down the stray plumes that may scatter throughout your yard and your neighbor’s yard during the winter months.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. This time of year it is particularly helpful to keep your sidewalk clean and tidy by picking up sticks and debris and edging the grass from the sidewalk edge. If your sidewalk is in disrepair, please have it repaired. The city does offer a shared cost sidewalk and curb program. The application can be found at It’s the little things that add curb appeal to the home and keep our walkers safe.

Trees near Pedestrian Paths

If you are a homeowner who has trees along the pedestrian paths, please take a look at them to see if they need to be trimmed. This can be a real hazard to bike riders and walkers. Please help by trimming your trees to eliminate this hazard. For clarification, the Association maintains the property between the pedestrian path and the road, and the homeowner maintains the area up to the pedestrian path, including mowing and tree maintenance.


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