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A key component to the success of the Association’s ability to uphold our mission is the design review process.

Section 3.02(iv) of the Association’s declaration says, “Another purpose of the Association is to regulate design and construction throughout the Common Areas and Properties during the initial development stages and afterwards, in order to promote a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sound environment and to generally maintain and enhance property values throughout the Properties.”

The Design Review Committee initially reviews all new home plans and all exterior changes/modifications after initial construction. This committee consists of Tipton Lakes Community Association Members and Staff.

To aid the Design Review Committee, the Design and Maintenance Guidelines have been developed and adopted by the Board of Directors (Board). The provide guidance to Association Members and builders as they design and plan for both new construction and modifications. They also provide design criteria for the Design Review Committee (DRC) as they review applications for modifications of such improvements.

The Association has attempted to streamline the design review process and avoid creating unnecessary paperwork. However, contemplated improvements must be approved by the DRMC prior to construction. To aid the Association and its members with this process, the Association developed a set of design review guidelines. In preparing these guidelines, the Association leaned heavily on the experience of more mature planned communities. Each section was added because of a challenging area that developed in an existing association. Our intention was for the guidelines not to be viewed as limiting our members’ freedom to act, but viewed as the best means available to protect property values.

The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the Design Review Committee?

The Design Review Committee is a committee of Members. The committee’s duties include to “review and approve, modify or disapprove, within 45 days, all written applications of owners and of the Association for improvements or additions to lots, living units or common areas.” The work of this important committee of the Association aids in the establishment and maintenance of high-quality design standards for structures and landscaping throughout our community.

What types of projects are considered exterior modifications?

An exterior modification includes any change to the home or the landscaping. Examples include but are not limited to exterior painting, decks, roof replacement, room additions, landscape changes and swimming pools.

How do I obtain approval for my project?

The first step is to complete an application for modification. The form is available at the Association Office or via download on the Design Review page. Complete the form and attach photos, scale drawings and sample materials as required and described as part of the application process.

When does the design review committee meet?

The committee meets during the second week of every month. All applications received by the first Monday of the month are guaranteed review at that month’s meeting, as long as all required materials are submitted with the application. The winter months generally see less activity than the spring, summer and fall seasons. If you are planning an upcoming project, now is a great time to get your project approved by the committee. Approvals are valid for up to one year from the date of approval.

Whom can I call with questions about my project?

The Association staff is available to assist you with completing your application.  Nancy Battin administers the application process for the members. She is available to answer your questions and assist you through the application process. She can be reached at the Association Office by calling (812) 342-8522 or by email at nancy.battin@tiptonlakes.com.

If you are considering a change to the exterior of your home or property, have reviewed the guidelines and have lingering questions, our best advice is to contact the Association Office for assistance. We will make every effort to assist you through the process, answer your questions and provide feedback in a timely manner. We recognize that the process may not be a perfect one. However, the Association strives to provide assistance that minimizes confusion or frustration as we partner with our members to uphold our mission.

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