Lake Dredging Scheduled for January 2020


The Tipton Lake Community Association Board of Directors, Lake Committee, and Finance Committee have approved a dredging project for the three lakes starting in January 2020. This is a project that had been under discussion but moved to the forefront, taking into consideration the condition of the lake this summer and the affordability of the project.  The map below indicates the areas that will be dredged. At this time, no additional areas will be added to the project.

You may click on the map image below to download a PDF version of the map. 



The cost of the project will be covered with general reserve funds.  The cost of this project does not affect your Cluster budget or funding. The Board of Directors and the Finance Committee have been planning for a large dredging project for several years.

Description of the Process

An excavator will be floated to the desired work area on a barge.  A second haul barge will be alongside or to the end of the work barge.  The haul barge will transport the material to the unloading site(s) where a front-end loader will off load the haul barge onto the trucks that will take the material to the desired dump location.

Unloading Site(s)

Two locations will be used, the Marina ramp and the area in West Lake to the west of Tipton Pointe.

Timeline/Hours of Operation

The project is projected to start in early January. The project will take 6-8 weeks, weather permitting, to complete.  The work will take place Monday – Friday and an occasional Saturday if needed, from daylight to sunset.

Homeowner Dock Areas

If you want to inquire about the area around your dock please go to the website and submit an inquiry. If you do not have access to internet, then call or text cell phone (812) 521-1973. If your pontoon boat is in an area marked on the map to be dredged it will need to be moved.  It can be brought to the Marina dock for storage during this time.

We are asking that you please be patient as this project is completed.  The equipment will be noisy, and the lake will become cloudy or muddy.  The end result will be well worth the few weeks of activity.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not bother the contractors.  They will direct you to contact the Association Office at or 812-342-8522.


Staci Likens, Executive Director


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