Lake Condition Update


Over the last two weeks the Association office has received numerous phone calls regarding the condition of the lake.

The Lake Committee is actively working with Association staff regarding the large amount of plant growth in the lake. The lake was treated on June 19 and again on July 3.  Both times Aquatic Control indicated that they could not put any more chemicals in the lake for fear of killing fish.

Aquatic Control has confirmed that they cannot do another lake treatment until July 17.  That is per chemical guidelines. We are hopeful that with the treatment on July 3 that the plant material will die and fall to the bottom of the lake.

Please understand that there are several factors that have escalated the plant growth in the lake.

  • The high temperatures that has continued for several days.
  • The extreme rain in June.
  • Fertilizer that homeowners put on their yards that runs into the lake with the heavy rains.

The West Canal is extremely problematic due to the following.

  • The canal is swallow at only 6 to 8 feet.
  • This depth allows for the sunlight to reach the plant material.
  • The west canal receives full sunlight compared to the east canal that has more mature trees along the shoreline.
  • The grade off of the homeowner yards is steep, allowing for more runoff from homeowner yards.

Please know we are doing everything we can with the current conditions. Contact the Association Office if you have further questions at 812-342-8522.


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