Don’t Find Yourself On Thin Ice


With winter weather approaching, ice will soon be forming on our lakes. When ice forms and repeatedly thaws, due to temperature variations, the remaining ice becomes very unsafe. In this part of the country, we seldom have sustained freezing temperatures that will form ice to a thickness that is safe to support people and animals.

In previous years, there have been incidents on Tipton Lakes where animals had to be rescued after falling through thin ice. In addition, in past years, reports have been made to the Association Office that adults and children were walking on unsafe ice in the canals and on the lakes.

All residents should be mindful of the dangers of walking on ice, for themselves and their pets. If members observe others who do not understand this danger or ignore this caution, they are encouraged to speak to the members who are in potential danger and report such incidents to the Association Office at 812-342-8522. If, however, a member witnesses someone in distress, please call 911 for emergency assistance.


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