Enhancements to the TLCA Walkpaths


As a result of our ongoing efforts to improve the amenities at TLCA, the Grounds Committee has recommended adding additional walk paths during 2021.   The TLCA Board of Directors approved this project at the November 2020 meeting. The enhancements will occur at the tunnels on Tipton Lakes Boulevard, on either side of the Office.  The new paths will connect to the existing path and proceed closer to the street. This will provide an alternative to the current path, and allow Members to stay on a flat walk path, rather than going up and down the hill for entry to the tunnel.  This new path will allow Members to use an optional route, that we feel will be more navigable for strollers, small children, and those not wanting to navigate the hills.

Exact timing has not been finalized.  The project will be funded from the reserve for walk path repairs and improvements.



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