Why do I need a design review?

Section 3.02(iv) of the Association’s Declaration provides, “Another purpose of the Association is to regulate design and construction throughout the Common Area and Properties during the initial development stages and afterwards, in order to promote a high quality, aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sound environment and to generally maintain and enhance property values throughout the Properties.”

The Design Review Committee initially reviews all new home plans and all exterior changes/modifications after initial construction. This committee consists of Tipton Lakes Community Association Members and staff.

To aid the Design Review Committee, the Design and Maintenance Guidelines have been developed and adopted by the Board of Directors (Board). They provide guidance to Association Members and builders as they design and plan for both new construction and modifications. They also provide design criteria for the Design Review Committee (DRC) as they review applications for modifications of such improvements.

If you are contemplating an improvement, please consult the general concepts found in the Declaration, particularly Article VI, and in the Design Review Procedures and Regulations. Supplementary Declarations and Cluster Guidelines will provide specific design criteria for each Cluster. If apparent inconsistencies arise among different sets of design criteria, Supplementary Declarations for specific Clusters will control.