Design Review Process


The Association office is receiving a large number of design review requests.  Since the office is currently closed, you may drop the information off in the white box on the front porch or email those to us at

Please remember:
An exterior modification includes any change to the home or the landscaping (outside of existing beds).  Examples include but are not limited to: exterior painting, decks, roof replacement, room additions, landscape additions, tree removals, and swimming pools.

Please do not start your project until the Association office has approved the project:
The first step is to complete an Application for Modification.  The form is available via the Internet at or in your green book. Complete the form and attach photos, scale drawings, and sample materials as required and described as part of the application process.

The Committee meets once a month:
The Committee meets during the second week of every month.  All applications received by the first Monday of the month are guaranteed to be review at that month’s meeting; as long as all required materials are submitted with the application.  Approvals are valid for up to one year from the date of approval.


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