Section I: Marina Party Reservations

I. Marina Party Reservations

1. Members interested in reserving space at the Marina for a party should contact the Association office. Rental fees are reviewed annually and published in the Marina Guide.

2. A reservation for a party does not include exclusive use of the area; the Marina is always open to all members during normal operating hours. By making reservations ahead of time the staff can reserve picnic tables and grills to adequately accommodate member parties, and help coordinate any special needs.

3. Members are encouraged to reserve space at the Marina as much in advance as possible.

4. Members renting the Gathering Room-Lower Level, Overlook Picnic Area, Beach and Picnic Area are fully responsible for cleaning up their mess before leaving the area. The Board may impose a deposit or charge especially if Marina Personnel are required to clean up the area. Members must be present during the rental period.