Section G: Fishing

G. Fishing

  1. Purpose

The lake system at Tipton Lakes has been professionally stocked with bass, bluegill, and channel catfish. These regulations are intended to maintain a healthy, desirable fish population and a recreational opportunity for Tipton Lakes residents.

  1. Your Driver’s License or picture ID serve as Your Permit

Since Tipton Lakes is private, State of Indiana fishing licenses are not required. The lakes, however, are open only to Tipton Lakes Community Association Members, and their bona-fide guests. Fishing will be allowed as further provided herein.

a. Four guests may accompany each Member while fishing. Groups larger than four guests should have permission from the Association Office.

b. All members should carry their valid Driver’s License or picture ID. Association personnel will patrol the lakes periodically for compliance. Lake privileges may be revoked if Members do not comply with the Rules.



  1. Fish Size and Daily Limits

a. Fish size and daily catch limit regulations will be reviewed annually and    published in the annual Marina Guide.


  1. Fishing Rules

a. Minnows of the following fish species may not be used as bait: bullhead, carp, buffalo, and sucker. These are considered “undesirable” fish so every effort is being made to keep them out of the lakes. Goldfish should not be placed in the lakes.

b. Float (jug) fishing, limb or drop lines, and trotlines are not permitted.

c. Unless specifically permitted herein, any fishing activity prohibited in the current State of Indiana Fishing Regulations is hereby prohibited at Tipton Lakes.

d. Lake front property owners and their guests only may fish from their private property including their shoreline, boats and docks at any time.

e. All members and their guests are permitted to fish any time from boats and lake front common areas including the dams except as restricted by no fishing signs.

f. Bright lights are not permitted for night time fishing.