Section F: Boating

F. Boating

a. Electric motors only are permitted. Use of gasoline or diesel engines are prohibited except Association or the Association’s vendor service boats. If a gasoline or diesel motor is secured on a member’s boat, it must not be operating.

b. Boats may not exceed a maximum 18 feet. Although no height restriction is imposed, Members are advised that the maximum height passable under the Barrel Arch Bridge over the East Canal is 21 feet.

c. Boats may not exceed 10 mph.

d. Any boats left in the lakes or on the Lake Property or Common Areas are left there at the owner’s risk. They must be properly moored or beached in an area specified for it.

e. Boats may be operated on all 3 lakes and 2 canals provided that private property rights and posted areas are respected.

f. The entire Marina Area is considered a slow zone (no wake). The narrow areas and areas around the following designated islands are considered slow zones. West Lake (off shore of Westlake Cove), East Lake (near Eastlake Woods Apartments), North Lake (off shore of Pintail Landing) and North Lake (between the Cape and Northlake Woods). Within 50 feet of the shore line for all three lakes is considered a slow zone (no wake). The two canals are considered a slow zone (no wake).

g. Boats may be launched only from one’s own lakefront lot or from the launch ramp located at the Marina.

h. Boats and wind surfing boards are not allowed in the designated beach/swim area.

i. Boats must yield the right of way to swimmers. Motored boats must yield the right of way to non-motored boats.

j. Tipton Lakes Community Association (TLCA) rents to Association Members various watercraft as described in the Marina Guide.

k. TLCA Board establishes fees and operating procedures that are published in the Marina Guide.

  1. Users will be required to have life preservers (provided by the Marina) with them at all times.
  2. Rental reservations may be made by telephone, in person or online at
  3. Prior to departure, Marina staff will instruct boat renters in boat safety and etiquette.
  4. Basic boating safety rules and lake speed restrictions will be clearly posted in rental pontoon boat.
  5. Members who rent boats will be required to show a valid Driver’s License and sign an agreement to operate the boat in accordance with the safety guidelines and the TLCA Rules and Regulations.
  6. Written parental permission is required for all children under the age of 16 in order to rent an Association boat. Children age 12-15 are permitted to rent only non-motorized boats. Children age 16 and over with a valid driver’s license are permitted to rent the motorized boats.