Section D: Boat Registration / Identification

D. Boat Registration/Identification

  1. Registration

 a. Each row boat, canoe, sailboat, paddle boat, pontoon boat, kayak, etc. kept on, located on or in use on the Lakes, Common Areas or Lake Property must be properly registered annually by the appropriate Member at the Association Office

b. Registration information will include at a minimum:

  • Member name and number
  • Lot or Living Unit identification
  • Make, type and length of boat
  • Boat serial number or state registration number
  • Sticker number issued
  • Proof or evidence of ownership
  • Photo of boat

c. Members registering boats are required to sign an agreement to operate their boats within the TLCA Rules and Regulations.


  1. Identification

a. The Association will issue for each properly registered boat an annual identification permit. The Board of Directors sets cost for such permit annually.

b. Each sticker will be placed on the stern (back) of the boat, starboard side (the right side if you are facing forward) in a clearly visible location above the water line.

c. Lost or stolen stickers should be reported to the Association and may be replaced at the then current cost.