Section B: Lake and Marina Operations

B. Lake and Marina Operations


  1. The Marina Area will be available for use as described on the following pages, as posted at the Marina office and publicized in Tipton LifeTM, the Marina Guide, and the Association’s website.
  1. All members have unrestricted hours of access to the lakes.
  1. Members accessing the Lake Shore Common Areas are restricted as defined in Section G Fishing.
  1. Members enjoying unrestricted hours of access to the lake will conduct themselves in a manner that is not disruptive to other members.
  1. The Marina is staffed at specified times as published in the Marina Guide.
  1. Hourly rental facilities at the Marina are available as published in the Marina Guide. This includes Gathering Room-Lower Level, Overlook Picnic Area, Lakeside Beach and Picnic Area, Pontoon Boats, Canoes, Jon Boats and Kayaks. Members renting these facilities must adhere to the hours of operation.
  1. The swimming area is closed 10 PM to 6 AM each day.