Annual Meeting Update


The Association’s Annual Meeting was held on April 20, 2017, at Westside Community Church. Prior to the meeting a reception was held where members enjoyed delicious desserts and socialized with other members and staff. Carol Pennington, a resident of Westlake Hills, Namit Goyal, a resident of Blackhawk, and Rebecca O’Connor, a resident of Northlake Shores, were elected to three-year terms on the Board of Directors.

The results of the Cluster Committee elections were also posted. A complete listing is included in this issue of Tipton Life. Kris Medic, educator with Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service, was a guest speaker. Ms. Medic provided statistical information showing the importance of trees in our community. She included pictures of trees throughout the Columbus area that are good choices to plant. She also shared information about the proper way to plant and mulch trees. If you would like additional information on Ms. Medic’s presentation, please contact the Association office at

George Gratz, president of the Association, presented his report. Part of the evening included recognition of board members and Association staff. Also recognized were outgoing board members George Gratz, with six years of service on the board and two years as board president, and Charles Weddle, past vice president and Grounds Committee chairman, with five years of service. Mr. Gratz addressed the closure of Tipton Lakes Co. It was the master developer of Tipton Lakes and closed on Dec. 31, 2015. He highlighted the accomplishments during 2016, which included updates to the rules and regulations and the bylaws; work with the city of Columbus on several drainage issues; reserve study completed for the general funds; and the continuing development in Oak Ridge, Spring Hill and Tipton Pointe. Mr. Gratz discussed the 2017 goals of the Association, which include continued work with the city on drainage repairs, tree replacement plan for diseased ash trees, review of the Design Review Guidelines, and a reserve study to be completed for each of the clusters. Mr. Gratz ended his report by calling for volunteers. Community associations only succeed when members volunteer their time and talents.

Dennis Dunning, treasurer and Finance Committee chairman of the Association, presented the audited financial report. He noted that applicable excerpts were mailed to all members and that complete copies are available at the Association office. Mr. Dunning shared comparable information regarding revenue, expense, reserve fund and property/equipment over the last two years. He stated that Association revenue is down in 2016 from 2015 due to lack of special assessments in 2016. He also indicated that expenses are down in 2016 from 2015 due to less money spent in landscaping and salaries and wages. Mr. Dunning also discussed the generous gift of $50,000. The $50,000 is restricted money to be used to hire experts, if needed, to review new construction applications and to provide guidance on new land development. After seven years, any remaining amount will be moved to the lakes and dam reserve fund. In 2017 under the direction of Mr. Dunning, Finance Committee members and Association staff, a reserve study in each cluster will be completed to properly determine and compile adequate reserves to fund necessary repair and replacement costs. In addition, he shared that currently only two of 1,225 households are delinquent in their assessments. Mr. Dunning thanked his Finance Committee members for their assistance and asked that interested members contact the Association office regarding Finance Committee membership.

The board elected new officers at the May 18 meeting. The updated information is available at


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